Who we are

Based in Los Angeles, IntoMotion is an award-winning creative technology company. For 15 years we have been redefining what corporate events and training experiences can be. Our solutions have powered national and global events for many Fortune 500 companies including Acura, Audi, FM Global, Kia, Lexus, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz and Sony.

Our mission

  • To create reliable, memorable creative experiences
  • To make training fun, efficient and engaging
  • To incentivize your team
  • To do what we say we’re going to do
  • To have fun while we do it
  • To be human and let our clients to be human too

Jack Cardinal


Inventor, developer,
designer, musician,
passionate, dreamer,

Jacob Bullock

VP Technology

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Loui Sagastume

Client Services

Personable, creative,
energizer, artist,
visionary, performer,
coaster enthusiast,
dessert fanatic.

Ricky Manriquez


Coder, tester,
fixer, tinkerer,
coffee brewer,
rides a moped.

Elizabyth Harrington


Artist, storyteller, intuitive, imaginative, percussionist, dancer, animated, impactful, organic, muse.

What we do

We are a B2B vendor of creative software and technology experiences working for some of the best marketing companies in the U.S.

  • Corporate Events
  • Training Events
  • Automotive Ride and Drives
  • Incentive Events
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Consumer Events

We offer

  • Custom app development
  • Large deployments of iPads
  • Gamified iPad classrooms
  • Role playing games
  • Augmented reality + indoor mapping
  • App-enabled technology props
  • iPad wall systems
  • WIFI for large deployments of iPads
  • NFC/RFID registration + tracking
  • Technology rental + deployment
  • Incentive games


We have 15 years hard-won experience. This gives us unique insight into what will work and what will fall short. We balance this with a tenacious hunger for what is new. Learn More


Our passion is technology. Not technology for technology’s sake, or cookie-cutter approaches, but creative solutions that stand out, giving our clients a competitive edge. Learn More

Event Technology

We have solutions that compliment many events, from simple to complex. Our array of products deliver unique, memorable and interactive branded experiences. Learn More

Interactive Training

Our approach strives to captivate, engage and entertain the participant with unique personal user experiences. We leverage fun and competition and real-time results. Learn More


We’ve done so much already.


Many of our capabilities started with a client saying “What if?” Many came from a dream in the middle of the night.


Over the years the what ifs and dreams grew into a large range of capabilities in our software platforms. Many capabilities evolved from project to project, becoming refined over the years.


The result is a large resource of reliable capabilities from which we can draw when brainstorming with you on your challenge. We listen to your ideas and needs, identify capabilities we can add, suggest new ideas to inject, and deliver something unique for you.

Event Technology

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Interactive Training

Our Zora Engagement Platform easily deploys gamified classrooms for training events from 20 to over a thousand participants. Sessions can be remotely controlled by a facilitator, or self-navigated.


Classrooms can leverage team and individual competition, with real-time scoreboards and leaderboards. Quizzes, contests, physical games, creative crowd control solutions

integrate with your content, all skinned to your theme.


Elevated engagement not only makes an event memorable, it promotes learning and retention.



iPad® and iPhone® Specialists
Android, Unity®, and HTML5 Developers
Interactive Training Classrooms
Ride and Drives
Corporate Events
GPS and Indoor Location
App-Enabled Props and Installations
NFC and RFID Tracking
WIFI for Events
Creative Services

3450 Cahuenga Blvd. W.
Unit 502
Los Angeles, CA 90068
Phone: 213.596.6337

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